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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Feedback, Comments and more! Oh My!

Since D&D started a week and a half ago the volume of feedback we've received has been overwhelming. So, today being Sunday and all, I decided to dedicate a post to you, the sad little person that actually reads the crap we put out.

Feedback and Comments 

Analiese, F, Wellington writes to us via Facebook:

I would have started my blog with the Allosaurus, personally. It's like a more awesome version of a T-Rex...
We reply:

Dear Sir/Madam,

After extensive consumer surveys we decided that the Ankylosaurus was the appropriate "A" dinosaur to start our blog with. Customers repeatedly said that the Ankylosaurus represented strength and progress, two ideals that our blog values highly. However you have my assurance that the Allosaurus was fully considered for our debut post, but lets be honest, it really has already had enough publicity as it is.

Kind Regards,

Dinosaurs & Dandelions

Krystle, F, Waitakere City asks
Do you not recommend any toppings??
Of course, she is referring to the toast episode of Cooking with Matthew. At great cost to ourselves we referred the question on to none other than Matthew's very own press secretary and got this response:

Dear Krystle,

No. Due to the already labour intensive procedures outlined in Cooking with Matthew, Matthew did not feel it necessary to pre-judge your toppings enjoyment by telling you which are actually the best. To find out which toppings Matthew personally prefers please check out the Matt Facts segment of the wonderful blog; Dinosaurs and Dandelions.

Yours Sincerely,


Finally for today, a query from our Facebook Page.

Dear Dinosaurs and Dandelions,

Today I ate a red crayon. Will I poop red?

from Crayola Lover

Quite a quandary. We reply;

No, my dear Crayola Lover, you will not poop red - although you may find your skin takes on a slightly waxy texture for the next week or so.
And that is it for our feedback section this time. If you feel we ignored your question, then tough shit. If you with to ask a question then please leave a comment or get in touch via our facebook page.

A Facebook Page??

Being a week old it was decided that we needed a Facebook fan page like, pronto. After having decided this it took us a few more days before we actually created one. Having created one I then decided to invite people at a later time, but people found us first. This scared me slightly. You sad little facebook whores. Anyway, we now have a facebook fan page. Become a fan. Please. Once we get 25 fans we can secure facebook.com/dinosaursanddandelions as our very own.

Also a big thank you to our followers, all three of you :)

Next time, on Dinosaurs & Dandelions:
  • The debut of the Top 10
  • The long awaited return of Cooking with Matthew
  • Hard hitting current affairs
  • Other stuff
and trust me, you don't want to miss Other stuff!