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Monday, 4 February 2013

A review of a bridge...yes, seriously.

As you well know, we here at Dinosaurs and Dandelions are the undisputed leaders in bridge related news in the North Massey-Westgate area. So when the "Westgate Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge" was officially opened last week by the NZTA and Auckland Transport, we were all over it - well maybe not all over it, but we certainly walked across it.
The bridge is yellow.
My first thought about the bridge was it's yellow. You can't escape it, it is very yellow. Apparently this is to complement the "Clarks Lane Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge" further along the motorway, but that doesn't explain why THAT bridge was painted yellow when it was built in 2010.

Perfect for skateboards?
My second thought was, it sure is windy. And indeed, it is. The bridge connects Oriel Ave in the east to Westgate Drive in the West and crosses the North West Motorway. From bus stop 5677 the bridge lazily curves up through several bends and then meanders for 209 metres over the seven lanes of traffic. Once you are on the bridge it is surprisingly spacious, being a comfy three metres wide. Pedestrians on the bridge seem friendly, although I didn't meet any cyclists so I cannot comment on them.
Ducks have not yet found their new pond.
After crossing the traffic, which indeed is the function of most bridges, this one quietly settles you down next to a duckpond surrounded by natives and complete with a loop path and park bench.The bridge reportedly makes use of special lighting at night, however this feature was not being utilised during my day time visit.

The bridge cost NZTA and AT just over six million dollars to build and was funded after a boy was killed crossing the motorway in 2004. However Hobsonville Road crosses the motorway just north of the bridge, meaning it will save pedestrians less than five minutes in walking time. A worthy investment? Probably not.

Still, we did get a lot of bridge for our $6 million  and it was a delight to cross. Four and a half stars from me.