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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Now that I have pants on, we may begin.

Good morning.*

And welcome back, we have missed you.

You may have surmised from the activity around the place that this blog is in danger of becoming fully active again. And you would be correct. Much like White Island, we are ready to begin spewing forth a load of hot air again. However, unlike White Island, GNS Science doesn’t seem interested in monitoring us – more the pity, they might have learnt something.
White Island: Bring to a boil then simmer for 15 mins.
First of, our readers are a funny lot. For instance, a recently conducted fully scientific poll revealed that less than 17% of our readers regularly wear pants – and even then some respondents noted some regret in regards to their pant wearing.
Having a look back through the archives, I wondered what particular flavour of our bullcrap people actually read – and the results may surprise you;
A massive 1110 people viewed the most popular post, a Top10 with Pez [TV Shows of the 90’s].

Coming in at a clear second, with 660 views was the original Cooking with Matthew. This post also had the most comments on it, with 7.

Third place was a true bore-fest, “On the merits of FFP and MMP: A full analysis and in depth discussion.” At least that post included a You Tube video I guess.
Then it drops WAY off, with fourth being The Camptosaurus (a solid 69 views) and fifth being another Cooking with Matthew; The Pie edition.
For comparison, facebook tells me 90 people “saw” the recent totally scientific poll on pants.

So this brings me to the point of the post, what do you actually want to see – and please don’t say “full analysis and in depth discussions” because it ain’t happening!

More content to come this week, promise x

*No I’m not actually up at 6am on a Saturday, I set the post on a timer. What’s your excuse?