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Thursday, 7 February 2013

News in a Minute: Thursday 7 February 2013

Welcome to Thursday 7th February 2013, the time is Seven, roughly.

This is News in a Minute, where we show you all the ingredients for the news in three easy steps.

First off, our headline story - which is something terribly important and relevant to your daily lives. Today, New Zealand's almost award winning, third most popular folk construction company, Mainzeal Property and Construction halted work after being placed in receivership yesterday. Now the boring and dull accountants will do a stock take of the business before deciding if it can run itself back into the black or if it is a basket case that needs to be liquidated. The company got screwed over after it had to repair leaky buildings it took massive shortcuts on when building them during the nineties, funny that.

Ahem, moving on, we now get to the meat of the news: filler. Today's flavour is world news but other options include weather and sport. First up, Iran has reportedly put a monkey into space. Well, almost everyone agrees that they managed it - it's just debatable that they were able to safely return him to Earth or not. At the same time they were engaging in the space race, Iran also unveiled a medieval style finger chopping machine. Excellent juxtaposition by the Iran News Agency there.

In other world news, back Home they finally found the King, who has been lost since 1485. Richard III was found hiding under a carpark by archeologists from the University of Leicester. A Palace spokesperson claimed he was not lost, but had merely been misplaced.

Finally we will follow One New's example and end with a fluff piece. Look! Some cute animals!!

And there we have it, that was today's news in three easy steps. Thank you for reading and remember:

Better Living everyone!