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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

C3: Tiger

Welcome back to Connoisseur's Craftbeer Corner, the place where we show our love for good beer.

Last week we received some feedback from people who didn't actually believe Lion Red is a craft beer. Well, lets recap the American Brewers Association definition of a craft brewer. They must be:
  • small (producing less than 6 million barrels of beer a year), 
  • independent (no large brewing company owns more than 25% of the company), and 
  • traditional (mostly brews all malt beers).
Lion Nathan Breweries controls a large portion of both the Australian and New Zealand markets, producing well over 6 million barrels of beer. They are owned by Mitsubishi, so they are not independent and their beers are crap and not at all traditional. Therefore Lion Red fails on all three counts, so there.

Today's fantastic selection of beer was chosen specifically so that Pez is not a liar. Today we look at Asia Pacific Breweries signature brew, Tiger.

Tiger (Asia Pacific Breweries)

A pale larger weighing in at 5.0%, Asia Pacific says Tiger contains the finest malt, hops and yeast and takes over 500 hours to brew. First brewed in 1932, Tiger was Singapore's first locally brewed beer. Countdown lists a 12 pack at $21.99.

Look 4/5
A traditional 330ml bottle with a blue, orange and silver design. The tiger and palm tree logo is instantly recognisable. Plus tigers are pretty damn cool.

Taste 3/5
While nothing spectacular, Tiger is nether the less a very drinkable larger. Interestingly, Tiger is not suitable for vegans. Poor them.

Summary 3/5
Tiger is pretty good value as it is priced alongside the cheap four of Tui, Speights, Lion Red and Export Gold.