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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Round 1: Don't mention the war

Well, Round 1 is done and dusted and the NRL is back.

Amid swirling rumours of the Sharks rapid demise, Sky managed to sign a five year television deal with the NRL just in time to screen Thursday Night Football. They backed this up by signing the clear number two commentator in Australia, Andrew Voss, to call the Warriors matches.

Channel Nine's Thursday Night Football began with a bit of a dedication to SBW and continued in that vein all night, including a bizzare voice over as he ran onto his field to make his debut for the Roosters, and a pre-recorded half time interview. Now they even have me talking about him, sigh. Oh, and there was also a league match, the Rabbitohs winning 28-10 and George Burgess returning 65 points for your $137k investment.

This was followed up by Friday's come from behind win for Manly over the favoured Brisbane Broncos. However the real news on Friday was Cronulla's decision to sack their physio, manager, doctor and trainer and stand down the head coach. Of course this was due to management failures in 2011 and was in no way related to the ASADA drug investigation.

Which unfortunately brings us to Saturday. Saturday saw the Cowboys defeat the Bulldogs 24-12. That is all.

Sunday gave us the Panthers putting in an impressive display against the Raiders, Dugan getting injured again, the Storm dominating the Dragons 30-10 and the Sharks pull off an emotional 12-10 victory over the Titans. They are running on fumes at the moment though and probably can't keep it up.

Monday wrapped up the week with the Knights thrashing the Wests Tigers 42-10. Benji missed a conversion after the hooter to ensure they finished round 1 in last place. Aquila Uate top scored in dreamteam with a whopping 93 points, highlighting the rule changes that now favour attacking players.

Bring on Round 2!