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Friday, 1 March 2013

News in a minute: 1 March 2013

Welcome to Friday 1 March 2013, the time is Seven, roughly.

Today's headline story; Muriwai Beach will reopen tomorrow, Saturday, following Wednesday's Shark Attack. The Horrific, Scary and Totally Unprovoked Shark Attack occurred on Wednesday to a Muriwai Local, a person who was just like you and me. All comments on media Sensationalism aside, pretty freaky huh? Also, here's an article encouraging us to refer to them as encounters instead of attacks. Meanwhile, Wellington acts as if it's never seen dolphins before.

In world news the Pope's resignation took effect this morning (NZT), leaving the Church in a rush to get a new one in place before Easter. Like all good bureaucracies, the Vatican is an expert at rule bending and getting what it wants. Therefore, I'd expect that we will see the white smoke coming out of the chimney sooner rather than later. In other world news, Corporal Bradley Manning has pleaded guilty to some of the more minor charges he was facing and is looking at 20 years in prison. He still may, however, face prosecution for "aiding the enemy" - which is a bit like Treason, but also isn't...apparently.

And finally, in sports, the world's media (including stuff.co.nz who think it's frontpage news) is falling all over Lauren Silberman as she becomes the first female to try out for a NFL team this week. Of course her chances of making one of the 32 teams is zero, and that's not just because she is missing a penis: she didn't kick for a college team and comes from a football (er...soccer) background. Kickers are never drafted anyway, why kick the ball when you can throw it?
Lauren Silberman: Credible draft choice?
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