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Friday, 29 March 2013

Something about Bunnies

If you are unemployed and days no longer have meaning to you, continue as you are. If you do have a job, you may have wondered why you have today off. Well folks, that's because this weekend is Easter.

Easter is very important because it is one of only three occasions where New Zealanders have two public holidays in a row (along with Christmas and New Years). Apparently it also might have something to do with religion, chocolate, or the coming of Spring. Except it's Autumn. Hmmmm.

Anyway, back to the topic, Rabbits. Did you know a male rabbit is called a buck and a female is a doe? They are also Rodents, found almost everywhere in the world, Herbivores, cute pets, have lots of babies and Delicious. Which, when you look at is, is quite a good collection of characteristics.

Back in 1997 some farmers illegally introduced the calicivirus into New Zealand in an attempt to control wild rabbits. These farmers of course introduced it at the wrong time of the year, ie after breeding season, and the attempt failed miserably.

The world's most famous bunny is the Duracell bunny. He is 16 years older than the Energizer bunny. Both bunnies are pink and beat a drum, much like a monkey with a cymbal.

The world's second most famous bunny is the Easter bunny. This weekend he is going to visit houses all around the world and leave chocolate eggs for kids to enjoy. God bless you, Easter bunny.