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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

How I survived the GoogleReaderpocalypse (and other boring tech stories)

You may recall that in April I was talking about the impending GoogleReaderpocalypse (or you may not). Either way, Google Reader is being shut down on 1 July (which is awfully soon). However, I am happy to report that I have now migrated to another web based RSS aggregator and it is doing the job for me so far. I took the plunge and went with Netvibes. And, what's more, if you put Netvibes into "reader view" it feels pretty much like a modern version of Google Reader. Bonus!

Anyway, moving on, in the same article we reported that Facebook was looking at implementing hashtags. Well, they obviously liked what they saw because hashtags are now causing chaos all over the mighty book of face. #hashtag

Finally, you may have noticed that we no longer live at dinosaursanddandelions.blogspot.co.nz and instead are the proud owners of the much simpler dinosaursanddandelions.com! Boy did I have some troubles setting it up though. I won't bore you with all the details but, after purchasing the site for a very very minimal fee, the domain registrar wanted another 600% to access DNS services like CNAME and redirect the site. This is a service that most other registrar's provide for free by the way. Luckily I managed to secure a Free DNS service and by Monday most of it was working, apart from a small SNAFU which was pointed out to me on Twitter. As always, managing everything from the blogspot/google end was a piece of cake. Mmmmmm..........cake.