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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Review: Georgie Pie

Despite my distaste for McDonalds, today I bit the bullet and ventured into one of their fine establishments. The reason: the 2013 Georgie Pie comeback.

So here it is, reviewed just for you on my patented "Hmm-Meh-Mmmm" scale.

Price: Hmm.
At NZD $4.50, McDonalds has clearly banked on the comeback of the brand to ensure people try it at least once, no matter the price. For comparison the Mercari Bakery prices their "award winning" steak and cheese pies at $3.80.

Pastry: Mmmm.
My pie was golden, firm and without a soggy base. It is also a square pie, which earns it a bonus mark.

Filling: Meh.
Initial disapointment at the filling was explained by a closer look at the advertising. This is a "steak mince and cheese pie", and not a steak and cheese pie. Or in other words, it's a mince and cheese pie.

Overall: Meh.
Worth getting once for the nostalgia and novelty value, but it's not going to replace your neighbourhood bakery pie.