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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Camptosaurus

As per request, part 3 of the A-Z (see what I did there?) is about the mighty Camptosaurus: The Camping Dinosaur.

Whats that? It's an actual dinosaur? Oh. Uh....Look!!! Here's a shiney!

Ahem, now that I have you safely distracted let us start again. The Camptosaurus is actually quite boring. It is pretty much a typical Iguanidontid and, unlike the eponymous Iguanodon, the Captosaurus isn't even famous. Damn. 

Hilariously, it was originally called the Camptonotus, but it had to be renamed because our dear friend O. C. Marsh found that that name was already in use for a type of cricket. I can see why so many people were fighting over the Camptonotus name, it is very catchy.

Depending on who you believe the name either means "Bent Lizard", "Bendable Lizard" or "Flexible Lizard. It had a long snout, hundreds of teeth and a horny beak. Camptosaurus may have lived in herds, but really we don't know that, it's just a wild guess. We do know, however, that it ate plants and probably nipped cycads and other prehistoric plants with its tough, toothed beak. If you care about the Camptosaurus' "Locomotion", then I am reliably informed that it could walk on two OR four legs - versatile.

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