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Monday, 31 May 2010

From the Vault: The Bullfrog

This article was originally written for YAWN, but never published. Matthew and Pez apoligise. Possibly.

Ah, the good old Bullfrog, or American Bullfrog to be precise. Bullfrogs are very dare to my heart, but I'm not going to tell you why. Anyway, you look like the sort of chap who wants to know a bit more about the Bullfrog, and I don't mean the video game developer.

Where to begin? Well lets see, the American Bullfrog is an aquatic frog that is native to much of North America. You'll be glad to know that it can grow up to 18cm long and its vertebrae consists of ten bones. As you may have noticed, Bullfrogs do not have Extremely Large Mandibles. The bullfrog, lucky thing, is the State Amphibian of both Missouri and Oklahoma.

Unlike me, the Bullfrog has been into space. In 1970 two bullfrogs were launched in the Orbiting Frog Otolith, which is quite simply the best name for a space mission I've ever heard. Far more catchier than Apollo 17 anyway. Turns out Otolith refers to the part of your ear that is sensitive to gravity and the sick bastards in NASA were going to spin the frogs around and around while in space to see what happens. Sadly a nice patch wasn't designed for this mission, wouldn't the little frogs look so cute with little shoulder patches?

Anyway, back to the Bullfrog. The only part of the Bullfrog which is eaten by humans is the rear legs, which resemble small chicken drumsticks – remember that next time you go into KFC. The Bullfrog is also commonly used in schools for dissections. Does High School Musical feature a bullfrog? I'm not quite sure (readers, a little help?).

The Bullfrog is a member of the “True Frogs” family, which is the widest distributed of any frog family. Most members of the True Frog family (TFF) lay their eggs in the water. Do they float? Sometimes. Are they delicious? Always. Frogs are prominent in fairy tales and usual are depicted as ugly and clumsy but with hidden talents. So be nice to your frogs. Otherwise they might go all Super Saiyan on you.