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Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Weekend Wrap

Welcome to the second edition of the Weekend Wrap, although it is the first edition to have this snazzy title. I'm going to use up a blog post telling you what you already know happened last week and whats coming up ahead. Choice!

Feedback and Comments

Woah, so apparently no one likes the Brontosaurus (come on guys, it means Thunder Lizard!). Sarahiously commented "Why is this about the A-Patty-O-Sore-Ass" while Analiese said "I request the brachiosaurus. It's like a brontosaurus, but with a far more awesome name..." Sometimes you just can't please everyone I guess.

One article that did please everyone is the Cooking with Matthew Noodles extravaganza. Delicious. A massive four comments on that post, I almost can't count that on one hand! Look for more noodlicious recipes to be out sometime soon.

The Top10 with Pez also got some love, with TV Shows of the 90's being a smash hit. If you haven't already, check out his latest effort, where he really outdoes himself. It's just a matter of time before that gets more comments I reckon [hint, hint]. Even if he can't spell mum...

Finally, Top10 is still seeking theme suggestions. Currently Top10 American Junk food is winning with two votes, including one vote from a person who no longer exists...hmm.....

Blogs we rather like

Although you don't need anyone but us to fulfill your blogging needs, Dinosaurs and Dandelions is not alone in the world. Here are some other blogs that might interest you:
Next time, on Dinosaurs & Dandelions:

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  • Live Sport that is better than the FIFA World Cup!
  • Consumer Affairs that matches Fair Go blow for blow!
  • Pez (TVNZ couldn't match Pez if they tried!)
  • The Music Box featuring a very special Kiwi Artist, Yay for NZ Music Month!
  • More exclamation marks!!!!!!!
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