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Friday, 14 May 2010

Friday Night Live: World Snooker Championships

Well we promised you sport more exciting than anything TVNZ has. So, continuing the trend of live blogging on a Friday, we bring you exclusive coverage from the 2010 World Snooker Championship. We also apoligise for the lack of posts this week, it won't happen again *cough*.

We are LIVE from the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Seems an odd place for a World Championship, but there you go. Snooker has come along was from being a sport played in smoke filled English pubs. It is now also played in smoke filled Chinese pubs. "Athletes" from many countries also participate, such as Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong and Wales. Truly a global game!

32 participants played in a straight knock out format. There had also been five rounds of qualifying. That's a lot of people. In the interest of full disclosure I must point out that there was also a German and a Thai in the qualifying rounds, don't want to miss out those Snooker powerhouses.

The current World number one and defending champion John Higgins was eliminated in the second round. He was later suspended from Snooker by the WBSPA (Water Balloon, Snooker and Puppy Association) after the News of the World alleged he had accepted money to lose frames during matches. Or in other words, is a dirty crook.

The final was between a Scot and an Australian, the first time since that classic 2003 final that there was no Englishman in the final. Australian Neil Robertson became the first Wanker Australian to win the title since 1952. There were many celebrations and they even wrote a poem about him. He is quite the looker.

For those of you interested the final score was as follows:
Neil Robertson (Aus) 18-13 Graeme Dott (Sco)
10-87 (80), 65-55, 1-93, 35-62, 68-56 (62, 56), 62-56, 24-73 (57), 47-74, 66-5 (61), 90-6 (90), 79-72 (Dott 72), 79-53 (79), 52-11, 4-71 (56), 27-70 (53), 113-23 (75), 23-87 (79), 69-56, 82-1 (82), 31-66 (52), 89-12 (51), 2-116 (112), 12-81, 116-13 (55), 36-83 (57), 69-15 (55), 63-49, 53-78, 74-23, 58-10, 94-1 (53)

That wraps up our exclusive live coverage of the Snooker World Championship, we hope you enjoyed it.