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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Cooking with Matthew

Hello there, and welcome to another wonderful edition of Cooking with Matthew. Have you noticed the season changing lately? That's nice, we have too. So today we are going to do a recipe to take advantage of the improving weather. This one is a refreshing treat that is sure to cool you off after a long hot day. This one has been around since 1905, so it's an oldie - but it certainty is also a goodie!

Ice Blocks (Serves Six)
Juice (Your choice of flavour!)
Wood (No need to cut down the Brazilian Rainforest for this one, we recommend Javan timber or popsicle sticks)
Ice Block Mold [Environmental tip: Some molds come with sticks that avoid the need for wood, now that's enviro-friendly!]

1. Pour Juice into Mold.
[Money Saving Tip: If your kids aren't spoiled rotten and probably won't know the different, try using one part Juice and two parts Water]
2. Place sticks in liquid.
3. Put Mold into the Freezer.
4. Leave to Freeze. (duh)
5. Enjoy!