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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Lisa it's your birthday! Happy birthday Lisa!

It may or may not be Lisa Simpson's birthday today, but one thing is for sure - it IS Dinosaurs and Dandelions' birthday. That's right, your favourite blog is turning three years and three days today!!!

Our first post was on 15 April 2010 with The Ankylosaurus, a post about a dinosaur. How fitting then that today we are still waiting for the E post in that same series.

For those of you who missed it, the blog launched with a bang in 2010. Favourite topics back then were the A-Z of dinosaurs, Pez' Top 10, the Music Box and Cooking with Matthew.

From the highs of the early days we quickly moved onto the lows of "the wilderness years", as all records of activity between 2010 and 2012 have long since been destroyed. Happily, 2012 saw our return with a few little posts here and there.

Finally the great relaunch came in 2013, and with it came the return of all your favourite shows.* New favourites also came about, such as News in a Minute and Metal taking over the Box during March.

But enough about us, lets make this all about you and crack open the mailbag!

Dear Dandelions and Dinosaurs,
Since our last correspondence my favourite author, Pez, has still not launched any of his projects that are apparently on the go. I am beginning to believe Pez is merely a figment of my imagination. Tell me it's not so?


MJ Matthew
Massey, Auckland
Dear MJ,
Do not fear, for I also know of the Pez of which you speak. So that means, unless we happen to be the same person writing letters to each other, he must exist. Surely Dinosaurs and Dandelions would not allow such tomfoolery!

Write soon, Matthew.
Sirs of the Western News Dinosaurs and Dandelions,
I have been reading the articles about the fire departments suing the county, and what the heck are they thinking?
The taxpayer gets screwed for the bills all around, and if they don’t like the way it is run, then get the heck out and go sue somebody other than the taxpayer.
I have never in my life heard of anything as stupid as this.
Grow up and stop acting like children or you also act like the environmental groups who sue everybody in sight.

Peter Sampson
Dear Pat,
Mind your own damn business!

Love from Pez.
A Letter To The Editor

As a long-time reader I am mildly enraged and more so disappointed that my 4th favorite blog is not living up to its name.

I tune in to "Dinosaurs and Dandelions" , week in week out, hoping to get answers to my throbbing questions. Similar to how a 5 year old child longs for the answer as to why boys and girls have different looking front-bottoms.... No? Just me? Anyway...the point is, you continue to leave my questions unanswered.

These questions are proper and plentiful. Like, what on earth do Dinosaurs have to do with Dandelions? And, what Dinosaurs are you actually referring to... do you have their permission to reference them in your popular blog? And most importantly, what is a Dandelion? Is it just a term to describe Mufasa (from the Lion King) in a pleasant mood?

I demand you address these issues and questions in an upcoming blog. If you don't, I will have no other option than to continue reading your blogs with enjoyment! Where is the fun in that?!?!

I eagerly await your reply.

A. Bean
Banker, Part-time Chandelier Cleaner, Lover
Wow, A. Bean, we asked for letters, not novels!
Allow us to give you some free life advice. First of all do not, EVER, use the word "throbbing" and the phrase "5 year old children" in the same paragraph. Secondly, stop asking proper and plentiful questions, otherwise we will have to answer them.

Thanks! Matthew.
Dear Matthew,
Why do I always have to write you letters just so we have enough letters to reply to in the mail bag? I feel like maybe we should just not write letters to everyone else and see how THEY like it. How was your day anyway?

Your Friend
I too wish our loyal readers wrote to us more. They are obviously too busy being selfish jerks to write more often. Sigh. My day was good, thank you for asking. I like oranges.

Thanks Friend

What's on the Web

Before we leave you, here's some stuff that we aren't responsible for:
  • First of all, I'll just let this one speak for itself. Knobfeel: Reviews based purely on feel.
  • Last time we gave the New Zealander a wrap as a purveyor of fine satire. I hope you also found your way to The Civilian, which is equally reliable. The Civilian has already provoked an ACT press release and gets 15,000 hits a day so don't miss out, get in now before they're all gone!
  • Do you like beards? Then you may be a Beardest!  
Folks, sadly that is all the blog we have time for. But be sure to tune back in in another three years and three days time when we launch Elvin the Dinosaur, the kid friendly Plateosaur.