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Friday, 19 April 2013

News in a Minute: 19 April 2013

Welcome to Friday 19 April 2013, the time is Seven, roughly.
Today is a very special unplanned edition of News in a Minute, because sometimes the news is so good, it deserves reporting on. 
Tonight's headline story; A US Senator was sent poison by a man he had previously hired as an Elvis Impersonator. I shit you not. Senator Roger Wicker (Republican – Mississippi) was sent a letter laced with ricin by Paul Kevin Curtis. Curtis also sent a letter to President Obama. Both letters were detected before they even reached Washington D.C. Senator Wicker described Curtis as “quite entertaining”.
In local news, our intrepid police force has caught a thief by following a trail of gummy bears. He had broken into a car but then unfortunately, for the thief, he managed to leave a trail of gummy bears to a nearby bus stop, where he fell asleep. 

The best headline of the week award goes to stuff.co.nz with "Giraffe joins in rescue mission". Yes, Auckland Zoo's own Nakuru has diverted her ship to look for a missing Russian Sailor. Nakuru was meant to be on her way to Melbourne Zoo.
In sports, New Zealand are down to three drivers in the 2013 V8 Supercars Championship after Jonny Reid was replaced by his team. SKY TV finally have the rights to show tomorrows Tonga v Samoa rugby league test match, only signing a deal yesterday. And of course, New Zealand takes on Australia TONIGHT. Good luck boys.
Alright, that's us. Thank you for reading and remember:
Better Living everyone!